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Yazar : Engin KURTAY
Yazar : Ali POLAT
Yayınevi :
Berikan Yayınevi
Basım Yeri / Yılı :
ANKARA / 2020
Sayfa Sayısı :
Ebat :
14 cm X 21 cm
Fiyatı :

The relationship between art and politics has always been an intriguing subject matter for intellectuals and scholars for the concoction of their endless papers and talks.  The “left-intellectual” has often been associated by their claim to be critical to ruler’s power by inventing new conceptualizations and alternate symbolizations letting masses to see the “Truth” in social life and eventually aiming to politicize and revolutionize them.  Their interpellation sounds simple and appealing: “Think differently!”.

But how?

While keeping the nature of this “thought differentiation” an enigma, it does something similar to what the Middle Ages monk used to do: it commissions itself to be the guide to the basics of such a “new” mode of thinking.  The rhetoric is the “technique” and romanticism is the “science” of fake aestheticizing to avoid clarity, distinctiveness and precision.  It profits out of the ambiguities and blurry, vague depictions.  It exploits public fascination, it presumes “transcending” the cognitive capacity of masses without expressing it, thus forms a particular type of elitism.

We call it “the left-intellectual artistry elitism”.

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