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Berikan Yayınevi
Basım Yeri / Yılı :
ANKARA / 2021
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Ebat :
16 cm X 24 cm
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When you want to write or create a book, it isimportant how the book will bring effect to the literature, if the subject isinteresting and if it is a non-repetitive subject that can be a resource in thefield. In addition, it is essential that the team, who writes the book, knowseach other well and knows how each author will handle the subject. One of themost important factors in the success of the book is the fact that writing abook has a teamwork inside. While we were creating this book, we tried tocreate the best we could by being aware of a team, on the path shown by ourprofessors.

This book, which carries the 117-year research andtraining tradition of Health Sciences University Sisli Hamidiye Etfal Trainingand Research Hospital General Surgery Department, includes experienced names inthe field of general surgery as well as young surgeons promising future.Moreover, it includes a comprehensive, blended and intensely synthesizedapproach to pancreatic cystic neoplasms by adding the surgical experience ofthe surgeons of Koc University Hospitals and the Verona Pancreas Institute,which is a leading pancreatic surgery department from Italy.

We hope that this book can be a guide for youngsurgeons on the approach to pancreatic cystic neoplasms, take its place inlibraries and shed light on the future.

We would like to thank all chapter authors for theirdevotion to the task. It really has been a privilege for us to write a bookwith all these authors and with the support of Prof. Roberto Salvia andGiovanni Marchegiani, by sharing their experience in pancreatic cysticneoplasms.

Last butnot least, efforts of this magnitude take a high toll on the families ofeditors. We thank to Dr. Hande Tanal, Dr. Gulpembe Bozkurt, and dear daughtersArya Tanal, Lara Bozkurt and İlay Bozkurt for their patience and support atevery stage of this book.

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