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Yayınevi :
Berikan Yayınevi
Basım Yeri / Yılı :
ANKARA / 2020
Sayfa Sayısı :
Ebat :
14 cm X 21 cm
Fiyatı :
An article in the September 16, 2004 edition of The Economist: titled “Turkey and the EU" begins:
This is a tale of two countries that want to join the European Union (EU). The first has been a stalwart member of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) for over 50 years. It has a flourishing democracy, a lively free press and a stable government with a big parliamentary majority. Although most of its people are deeply religious, it is fiercely secular. Its economy is booming: over the past two years, GDP has grown by an annual average of 8.4%, and inflation has fallen by three-quarters, close to single figures. Unlike the current EU, it has a young and growing population. Its biggest city was a cradle of Christian (and European) civilization. It sounds, in short, like a shoo-in for the EU.
The second country is quite different. It lies mostly in Asia, and it borders such troublesome places as Iraq, Syria and Iran. Its economy has been a basket-case for decades, its currency has been repeatedly devalued, many of its banks…

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