History of Islamic Civilisation HISTORY OF ISLAMIC CIVILISATION

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Yayınevi :
Berikan Yayınevi
Basım Yeri / Yılı :
ANKARA / 2020
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14 cm X 21 cm
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Islamic Civilisation is surely a top interest within the contemporary world of historians and majors. The mainstream aim of the book is to equip the reader and guide them to utilise its contents in informing the society about what really Islamic civilisation is. By doing so, the book aims to create a profound understanding of awareness and shared responsibility we all owe to our country, to the Islamic World; to all humanity.
The book consists of texts, notes, quotations and extracts, targeting anyone interested in learning more about the past, present and future of İslamic Civilisation. The main purpose here is to give a glimpse of the importance of the Islamic Civilization for human capital and Muslim societies in the World history. Therefore, this book is of interest to students of any age who are conversant in this field, and also wanting to utilise its contents in their professional and daily lives regardless of whichever field they venture into.
We learn here that the Islamic Civilization has always been, and is still an amalgam of a wide variety of cultures; covering geographies from North Africa to the western periphery of the Pacific Ocean, and from Central Asia to sub-Saharan Africa. The vast and sweeping Islamic Empire was created during the 7th and 8th centuries CE, reaching a unity through establishing a series of values and conquests. That initial unity disintegrated during the 9th and 10th centuries, but was reborn and revitalized again and again for more than a thousand years. Throughout the period, Islamic states rose and fell in constant transformation, absorbing and embracing other cultures and peoples, building great cities and establishing and maintaining a vast trade network. At the same time, Muslims ushered in great advances in philosophy, science, law, medicine, art, architecture, engineering, and technology. To the end, we realise that actually the central element of the Islamic civilisation has always been Islam in itself.
This is an illuminating read for anyone interested in acquiring a comprehensive understanding of the Islamic Civilisation, with vivid picture of life in all arenas of the Muslim world.

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